Inca Onset S20

High Speed Digital Flatbed Press

With CMYK+White capabilities, the Inca Onset S20 has production capabilities of 68 full beds (5ft x 10ft) or approx. 3,340 sq/ft an hour. The Inca S20 provides an impeccable balance of speed and quality and is one of the top flatbed printers available on the market. Prints on substrates up to 2” thick with spot gloss and satin capabilities, with bi-directional and uni-directional options.


Vutek GS 3200

Versatile Hybrid Flatbed/Roll-fed Printer

A true hybrid flatbed & roll to roll printer, the Vutek GS 3200 delivers eye-popping images with bright, consistent and accurate color. With a print area of 120” x 60”, 44 full beds an hour (2,400 sq ft), and printing on substrates up to 2” thick, the Vutek GS 3200 can provide the consistent quality you’re looking for.


Vutek QS 3250r

Superior Quality & High Productivity

A roll-to-roll UV printer that delivers a powerful combination of superior photorealistic quality and high productivity. Vutek QS 3250r’s productivity delivers speeds of 2,400 ft²/hr with a 126.5” wide print area. It’s superior quality printing ability offers up to 1080 dpi while having expanded gamut CMYK pigments for world-class pantone matching. The Vutek QS 3250r can also provide the consistent quality you’re looking for.


HP Scitex LX850

Maximum Versatility and Productivity

The HP Scitex LX850 Industrial Printer is a 126-inch (3.2 m) latex ink printer that delivers maximum versatility and productivity. The printer also offers double-sided printing capabilities with minimal operator intervention for blockout banners and a built-in ink collector for direct-to-fabric printing on flag fabrics.  The printer is designed to produce a wide variety of high-quality sign and display graphics, including event graphics, soft signage, vehicle graphics, POP displays, double-sided banners and outdoor signage.

HP DesignJet L26500

Printing The Finer Details

The HP DesignJet L26500 is a latex based printer designed to print finer detail and a wider selection of textiles and fabrics.

Digital Cutting & Routing

Zund G3 Digital Cutter

Uncompromising Performance & Precision

Zünd G3 cutting systems excel in delivering both exceptional productivity and unsurpassed cut quality. This is the result of a perfect symbiosis between intelligent control technology and precision mechanics.

The Zund G3 cuts materials up to 110 mm / 4.3 in thick and to almost any shape imaginable. 


MultiCam 3000 Router

Unmatched Power & Precision

With a 60” x 120: Working area, high speed 3-axis motion control, and routing materials up to 6” dimensional, the Multicam 3000 is the perfect router to give your sign dimension.

HP Graphtec FC7000

Accommodates Demanding Cutting

The FC7000 series features a maximum cutting speed of 58.5 in/sec, 4.0G maximum axial acceleration, and 20 to 600g selectable cutting forces, allowing users to process diamond grade, high-intensity reflective film, , self-adhesive vinyl, among other media types. With the world's fastest throughput performance and superb accuracy, the new FC7000 series accommodates the most demanding cutting and plotting projects and provides users with the versatility needed for a wide variety of applications.



Miller WeldMaster

Grommet Machines

61” & 80” Laminators