Matrix Imaging is proud to announce the launch of our Wholesale Division. As a full service large format digital print provider, Matrix’s renowned quality, craftsmanship, dedication, and over 31 years experience allows us to be a great resource for your wholesale printing needs. We understand that quality, competitive pricing, fast turn-around time & discretion are crucial factors when deciding to partner with a wholesale printer. Matrix will earn your trust every step of the way.

Competitive Pricing

You need to make a profit when outsourcing work. We understand this. Matrix Imaging’s Wholesale Division’s pricing is tailored towards this entire concept. We are constantly negotiating with vendors to give you the best pricing available. A full pricing sheet for our most common materials is available upon request.

2-Day Guaranteed Turn-Around

Not only do you need a great price, you need it done fast! With our equipment capabilities, we guarantee a 2-day turn-around time for your product. 


Since 1981, Matrix Imaging’s reputation is built on its quality and craftsmanship. We have a 3-step quality control standard implemented in our production. Our quality is what puts us above the competition. Printed samples of our most common materials are available upon request to demonstrate our quality.


One of the biggest concerns with choosing to partner with a wholesale printer is the possibility of your client being stolen. We understand this concern. With over 31 years in the industry, our reputation is as rock solid as can be in regards to discretion and trust. We’re willing to sign any non-disclosure or non-compete to put your mind at even more ease.

*Blind shipping available.
*Up to date equipment list, samples, & pricing list available upon request.
*All products produced in-house.